We're the kind of company other companies trust.

No matter how talented or visionary, one person can't be an expert in every area of business. That's why even the most successful owners and managers rely on the advice and expertise of others. You likely have a top-notch accountant and sound legal counsel.

But who advises you on technology? Is anyone providing clear, unbiased expert advice about which IT solutions to implement and which to avoid? If you're currently operating without a trusted IT advisor, call SysConnections. Our staff possesses solid working knowledge in all aspects of business plus extensive experience applying technology to solve critical business problems.

Developing your IT strategy
Having an IT strategy in place can help you plan for the future, and avoid costly quick-fixes and systems cobbled together with the "technology du jour." SysConnections can help you identify growth factors and develop an IT plan accordingly � one that won't paint you into a corner.

C.Y.A.: Covering your audit
Is there an IT or financial audit in your future? SysConnections can make sure you're well prepared, with expert audit preparation and representation services. Our staff has represented companies before in-house auditors, accounting firm auditors, insurance company auditors, rating agencies, and governmental agencies. Audits we've been involved with have consistently received the highest rating possible.

Advice you can take to the bank
Strategic consulting and audit-related services are performed by our founder and president, Mike Morris. Mike is a degreed business professional, certified IT expert with over 25 years experience, veteran of the financial services and healthcare industries and successful entrepreneur. He has helped many companies large and small achieve their strategic goals. Click here to learn more about Mike and his business philosophy.

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