Put SysConnections' experience to work for you.

As an experienced provider of networking and support services, SysConnections' expertise covers a very wide range. So no matter what kind of project you're
considering regardless of size or complexity you'll want to call us first.

Below is a small sampling of our diverse portfolio of successful projects. In each example, SysConnections employees defined the requirements and managed the job through completion.


Network Design
Designed and installed an entire corporate network that included replacing all cabling and hubs with enhanced cabling and switched Ethernet and Fast Ethernet chasses. Fiber optic technology was used for the network backbone within and between buildings.

Firewall and VPN Installation
Evaluated firewall and virtual private network (VPN) products and installed recommended solutions ranging from a single firewall to a three-location VPN for improved Internet security and network management.

Equipment Relocation
Coordinated the move of more than 140 users and their PCs, along with seven network printers, in a single weekend, minimizing the disruption to the business. Completed many other moves, varying from a few users to more than 100, including PCs and network printers.

Data Center Design
Determined space, electrical, HVAC and security requirements for a 1,300 square foot corporate data center, and supervised its construction. Upon completion, we relocated all equipment from two existing facilities to the new one in a single night.


Strategic Plan
Developed strategic plans ranging from the definition of standard products to a blueprint that formed the basis of a multi-million dollar annual capital budget.

Financial Audit
Represented companies before in-house auditors, accounting firm auditors, insurance company auditors, rating agencies, and governmental agencies. IT audits managed by SysConnections consultants have consistently received the highest rating possible.

Operational Support
Developed IT policies, procedures and work flows to improve operations and better meet management objectives.

HR Support

IT Organization and Staffing
Created IT organization structure, developed position descriptions, reviewed resumes, and interviewed candidates for IT positions ranging from help desk technicians and systems engineers, to application developers and database administrators, to business analysts and IT managers.